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Goa Yuva Samvad Yojana (GYSY)- Is Bribing voters BJP’s only tool left ??

Ahead of upcoming elections, the BJP led state government unveiled a internet data package and mobile talk-time for the youth. The move has sparked strong protests from the AAP, which clearly described the scheme as a dole to woo voters ahead of the Assembly elections.

The scheme, Goa Yuva Samvad Yojana (GYSY), was announced under the NDA government’s Digital India initiative. With a aim to targeting the age group of 16-30, the bribe scheme offers 100 minutes of free talk-time and 3 GB data/month for those who have been residing in the state for more than 5 years. Serious questions arise –

  1. Isn’t it a clear effort to bribe voters of GOA. If intentions were clean, why not implement it throughout India?
  2. Is this the way digital India will be formed OR better research based technical education will lead India?
  3. Are GOAN youth going to get any job opportunities from this?
  4. Is this only a poll gimmick similar to promise of closing casinos in 2012 which was never implemented?

Author: indianswaraj