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Delhi Election Results

Delhi Election Results



The AAP led by an Aam Aadmi Arvind Kejriwal, has made a clean sweep in the results declared yesterday. He and all Aam Aadmi Party leaders and volunteers definitely deserves applause and we hope that they prove themselves in days to come.

Below is our analysis for “Why Modi failed in Delhi” ?

1. Largest reason for the failure of the BJP in New Delhi is that PM Modi failed to sense the strong ground swell against Bhartiya Janta Party ruled civic bodies(MCD) in Delhi. People knew that there was no development, it was stinking with corruption, the focus was no-where on sanitation and the life of slum dwellers and unauthorized colonies was hell there.

2. People had no faith in hollow promises of water, housing, development,rate cut of electricity, removal of corruption and free housing for poorslum dwellers.

3. Young voters, middle class and slum dwellers strongly believed AAP was a better alternative compared to BJP as they felt no representation in them, in thoughts or ideas.

4. The whole perception that promises are never fulfilled which were made during Lok Sabha polls have not translated into actions.

5. Most of local BJP leaders encouraged defection especially from AAP . All defectors including Binny and Dheer lost. The idea was to snatch power with the help of money and political clout built around , but it did not work.

6. Parachuting Kiran Bedi was a big mistake- this let to dissent, since most of the big party leaders were ignored and were kept away from campaigning.

7. No action for the upliftment of the poor and middle class, majorly on prices and other issues which directly affects them.

8. Controversial statements by some RSS leaders and its allies, religious attack on churches, ‘Ghar Wapasi’ campaign put the final nail in coffin and resulted in consolidation of minorities against BJP arrogant leadership as it didn’t denounce it . The voters strongly felt that the central leadership led by Mr. Modi was soft on these issues related to brotherhood in society.

9. Mentioning North East residents as immigrants in manifesto ,though the party apologized later but voters remained suspicious on clarification.

10. Despite PM Narendra Modi’s firm governance, the BJP completely failed to connect with both the urban voters and from its traditional vote banks in the form of the traders community which felt the speed of economic reforms was not enough to regain their belief in BJP.


Author: indianswaraj