Since Delhi has put her complete faith in elected AAP and it’s leader Arvind Kejriwal, time has come for AK to prove himself worthy of confidence awarded by Delhiites on him.

People of Delhi will for sure expect below from their new Role model leader –

1.Transparency And Participation –
One of AAP’s main focus in the election campaigns has been complete transparency. To maintain it while in power is a whole new task. Who is getting benefitted from government public contracts? The people or the business contractors? How much money are the private corporations making out of the government? Who is paying how much tax to everywhere. Making the system full 100% transparent? Ultimately this will end up in destroying major problem being faced by all citizens, i.e Corruption.

2.Listen To The Marginalized And The Oppressed –
The problems of the weaker and marginalized sections of society are beyond this region, beyond the New Delhi and the incoming government has no control over how the Modi led Central Government operates, but it can set a clear precedent. It have got chance to stand up for those who are weak/oppressed and continue to work towards building a better Delhi.

3.Environment And Pollution –
Seriously, it is the one which people don’t think much of this enough. Successfully providing cheap power will do nothing good if we pump the air with black pollution from thermal power stations. The outgoing governments built numerous roads so that one can drive their cars on them. Various shopping malls were built by cutting down large number of trees. Also, recently the Central Government has diluted the environmental protection laws in India. How longer we can let this go on? Just for the name of growth and development, we can’t invite environmental tragedies.
4.Be Tolerant And Show Empathy –
There need not to be any room for any form of racism, sexism and transphobia. Justifying any kind of violent acts against any minority with reasons like as drugs, prostitution safeguarding women and society makes matters worse. It signals that the government even does not understand the critical issues of drugs, sex work & women’s safety at all, whether or not these reasons are applicable is entirely a different issue.

5.Kicking old habits: –
With power and office, comes decorum. The biggest challenge for Kejriwal will be to resist the urge to sit on a dharna every time a roadblock appears up. Tempting, in real but heads of states can’t act like aam aadmis. They have to try to approach the system within. Although Kejriwal has mentioned said that he will continue to sit in on dharnas if the situation arises so, we all know that it’s hard to afford to do it all the same.

6.Fulfillment of all promises made in manifesto.
Till date political party manifestos has been served only as a paper which people and parties as well, forget after elections. But, since AAP claims to be a new kind of politics, have to really prove her worthy of people’s trust by working on promises one by one.

Author: indianswaraj