At the first time, India raised the issue of Balochistan in the United Nations, accused Pakistan at human right violations both in the region and in PoK. India said that during the 33rd session of the UN Human rights Council in Geneva, Pakistan-sponsored terrorism is the main reason of the disturbance in the Kashmir valley.

India’s ambassador and permanent representative to the UN in Geneva, Ajit Kumar said, Pakistan’s dismal track record is well known and repeatedly countries have called upon to end cross-border infiltration, stop acting as an epicentre of terrorism and dismantle the terrorism infrastructure.

“India’s credentials as a democratic,peaceful & pluralistic society are deeply committed towards the welfare of its people, and on the contrary, Pakistan is characterised by authoritarianism, an absence of the democratic norms and widespread human rights violation across the country, including Balochistan,” India stated further.

PM’s Independence Day speech

Balochistan issue is raised after Prime Minster Narendra Modi and he mentioned this troubled region in his Independence Day speech. Since 1948, Pakistani forces have been accused of attacking and violating human right issues in Balochistan.

Pakistan failed to convince the international council and secure Human Right Council’s membership. Pakistan makes tendentious references in internal matters of the J&K, misuse the Council, India strongly rejects it, he added further. Pakistan yet to meet the outlined requirement to withdraw all its troops and every Pakistani citizen from the Kashmir stated in the UNSC resolution of 1948.

It will be in the fitness of things if Pakistan focuses its emerging and improving the human right situation within the country and PoK.  Kumar said.

However, the valley is boiling since the killing of Burhan Wani on July 8, commander of Hizbul-Mujahideen. His death gave uplift to protest that end up with the killing of 80 people and more than 10,000 being wounded in the two-month long protest.


Author: Rajpal Fogawat

An IT Professional and Political Swaraj Enthusiast. Desperately want to see better India. Currently stays in Panaji.