How “Suruwat” is making changes in Allahabad

The greatest joy for any teacher is to see their student surmount all the hurdles that life has to offer and achieve such a spectacular victory which  will show the world that talent and intelligence does not belong only to the Rich and Mighty
Ekalavya excelled with his ability to learn only by inspiration and dedication, it clearly gave a message to the world that talent and intelligence is not the prerogative of only people born in the royal family, but that it is also found in people born in the jungle, the adivasis and even in children living in the many slums, the Jhuggi-Jhopdi. All that they need is a Dronacharya, a Chanakya, a Savitribai Phule who can give them love and encouragement
The glow from the lamp of education that was lit by Abhishek and his team 9 months ago has begun to shine and light the world around us, it has become a beacon of hope for many children.
One of the best examples is Neha Kushawaha about whom her parents Mahendra Singh and Meera Devi and all of us at Shuruat are extremely proud of. Neha’s father struggles everyday to make ends meet by selling ‘ Phulki’ ( the puri part in the pani-puri that many of us relish) the entire day and the earnings from that is the only source to look after the needs of the family. Nobody at Neha’s home has studied beyond the 8th standard due to financial constraints and lack of encouragement.
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How "Suruwat" is making changes in Allahabad, NGO in Allahabad, Neha Kushawaha about whom her parents Mahendra Singh & Meera Devi and Shuruat are proud of.
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We knew very early that Neha was special as she would first learn from us and then teach the other kids in the Jhuggi. She is a student at Naveen Mahila Seva Sadan Inter College and inspite of all the struggles, hardships and hurdles she has passed her 10th with flying colours, the results for which were announced recently. True to her nature she is still not satisfied with the 68 percent that she has earned, but we know and understand the hardships that she had to face and yet come out with flying colours. Neha is just one among the many other children in the Jhuggi who are as talented and intelligent as her.
We are all very proud of you Neha
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