Major Problems India is facing :

1.Poverty and Population Explosion: Resulting in malnutrition, lack of education and the cycle goes on.

2.CORRUPTION IN PUBLIC LIFE: less income or to achieve certain objective

3.HIGH INFLATION RATES: Fueled by rising wages, property prices and food prices inflation in India is an increasing problem

4.Inefficient government bureaucracy: discontent within the business community remains high about the lack of reforms and the perceived inability of the government to push them through.

5.Inadequately educated workforce : ‘reversed’ pattern of development

6.Industrial Sickness: Deficient management, under-utilisation of available capacity due to shortage of required raw materials, coal and power and transport, old machinery, equip­ment and production techniques used, uneconomical scale of production

7.Un-employment : Leading to homelessness, malnutrition and various others problems imbibed in them.