United States President Barack Obama joined Indian leaders on the occasion of reviewing stand at a military parade in New Delhi on Monday in a display of powerful ties between the two world’s largest democracies while increasingly assertive China is shifting Asia’s power balance largely.

The American president’s visit at India’s symbolically and historically important Republic Day celebrations are a day after a meeting at which the two nations agreed to deepen their cooperation on defense and various economic development programs at a time of growing global tensions.

Indian PM Mr. Narendra Modi said Sunday there had been a major “transformation” in the two nations’ relationship, adding “We are ready to step forward with confidence to accept the responsibility of this major global partnership for our two great nations and toward making the character of this century.”

This is the very first, when India which spent much of the Cold War having nonalignment and nurturing ties with The Russia as the U.S.A. cultivated New Delhi’s rivals, China and Pakistan has invited an American head of state for the event.

Obama in India
Obama in India

Mr. Obama’s presence is a signature of U.S. hope that when Washington makes its pivot to Asia, India under the leadership of PM Mr. Modi will be able to solve hurdles that for long has put constrains on its economy and hold it from becoming an effective strategic partner to counter China.

Mr. Obama said -“We see India playing a bigger role to ensure international brotherhood and peace”.After President Obama’s great visit to India, it is the time to understand the historic visit means, for India and for the U.S. in this region and more importantly for the people of both nations.

Few points of Obama trip –
1. India and the U.S. achieve a success on the issue of the civil nuclear deal.
2. President Barack Obama became the first U.S. President to visit India two times during office tenure, and is also the first to be the chief guest at Indian Republic Day.
3. Hours before his landing in India, Mr. Obama dropped the Agra trip of his India visit and decided to leave to Saudi Arabia to meet the new king.
4. Mr Modi said -“We have renewed our Defence Agreement. We will enhance our cooperation on maritime security through bilateral talks.
5. Mr. Obama announced a series of initiatives that included $4 billion in loans from U.S.A. banks, $2 billion for financing of renewable energy projects across India

Author: indianswaraj