Issues that are diving India

India being as a developing nation, is confronting many uncertain challenges like the reservation. But providing the reservation is always not a solution to help the downtrodden and to uplift their lives.

It is not fair that people are getting the reservation in every field on the basis of the caste. It is ultimately dividing the India, in the many groups. Initially, the idea of caste based reservation was initiated to raise the standard of the backward people, but gradually and so now it has become a great political game and sigma which is now parting this nation into many undesirable forms. However, it has become a new age corruption that gradually pushing the India’s future in the darkness.

The Mandal commission that brought up the reservation system in the year 1979 is completely focused on identifying the social or educational backward people and bring them up to the equal of the upper class.

How reservation is dividing India?

It does not value ability and intellect:

Indian reservation system allows the authority to sake really deserving candidates in the name of caste. The lesser quality person gets admission higher educational institutes and also in jobs which are unfair and developing an unhealthy nation.

It breaks the society by recognizing the caste system in a sophisticated way:

This is only the upper caste that needs to bear the wound of the reservation. The Government has termed them as the privilege. They are not accepting the reality that the higher caste is also suffering backwardness in cases of higher education and jobs. This system increases the conflict and creates a large imbalance in the way of the process.

Now, it is time to understand that the reservation system only splitting up the society that directly leading to discrimination and conflicts among different sections.

Author: Geeta Choudhary