The Right to Recall is a provision using which citizens of a nation can remove or dismiss the elected officials using voting. Voters vote for their representatives(Political leaders) in their respective assembly / parliament constituency during the election. The candidate getting the highest number of votes is declared as winner in the Election and he is declared as the Elected leader of that particular constituency. This Elected MLA/MP now holds an office of government. The Elected official can be a MP (Member of Parliament),Corporators or a MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) of the Municipality.

The Right to Recall relies on the fact that if the citizens are empowered constitutionally to elect their leaders, they should also be empowered to recall , remove or dismiss the same Elected representative if they fail to deliver on accountability. The Citizens can recall the Elected Netas on various factors. Eg., if the citizens feel that the Corporator/MP/MLA has failed to represent the constituency or if they feel that the MP/MLA/Corporator has failed to deliver and serve the constituency etc. the Right to Reject provision can be invoked.