Rollback of PF Policy- Democracy getting stronger

Over times democracy has been hit hard by various measures taken by the elected representatives of the nation. However it’s refreshing to see the rise of common man’s voice in the recent past which has forced the ruling government to roll back many of it’s taken decisions.

BJP led Central government sparked the anger of the working class of India by putting unlawful restrictions over ones saving. So, they started the protest against the forceful imposed restrictions. Like past experiences the protests were being ignored for a long time, until recently broke out violent protests in Bangalore got national attention. Genuine question raised about why the government interference in employee savings. Bowing to the pressure of various trade unions, the government has decide to temporarily keep the law on hold.

TheĀ Union Labour Minister Bandaru Dattatreya announced the rollback on 19th April.

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Main reason why government has to take a U-Turn –

  1. Not taking stakeholders in confidence before taking a decision.
  2. Lack of knowledge on ground realities and problems people face.
  3. Political clan decides without consultation with expert executive class.

Recent incidences which present BJP led NDA government has rolled back after public protest –

  1. Land Ordinance
  2. Tax on Provident Fund
  3. Restrictions on withdrawal of PF funds.

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Author: Rajpal Fogawat

An IT Professional and Political Swaraj Enthusiast. Desperately want to see better India. Currently stays in Panaji.