Abhinav Bindra Tweets – Is government ready to listen?

Till now, performance of Indian athletes at Rio Olympics has been  dis-appointing and wait for first medal is still ON. Abhinav Bindra , who knows the internal dynamics of Indian sports ministry and what it takes to rise through the ranks through the red tape clad bureaucratic walls of the sport federations.

Bindra stated- The cost of a single Olympic medal for the UK is 5.5 million Pounds – around INR 48 crore per medal. So say, in case India wanted 20 medals at Rio Games, it has to ideally invest at least Rs 960 crore on those medal winners in Olympics.

Bindra indirectly wanted us to question the authorities who run the show of Olympic sports preparation in India that they invest that amount of moolah on our athletes for the nation to expect these many medals.

Reason behind above comparison is arrived from fact that how England increased sports budget for Olympics in last decade have resulted in more medals for them.

Since the Beijing Olympics Games in 2008, England increased its funding for Olympic sports by a whopping 16 percent. Results are visible , they’ve risen in their Olympic ranks from 34 in Atlanta Games(1996) to 3rd spot at London Games (2012) to already second place in Rio Games.

Budget allocation Union Budget of 2016-17

Despite knowing the poor condition of sports facilities in India, the allocation for the Sports Ministry got Rs 1541.13 crore , a marginal hike of Rs 50.87 crore from last year in the union budget for 2016-17, presented by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

Author: Rajpal Fogawat

An IT Professional and Political Swaraj Enthusiast. Desperately want to see better India. Currently stays in Panaji.