Un-holy alliance between BJP and PDP

Despite the presence of completely different ideological difference , the two parties BJP and PDP have decided to form coalition government in the sensitive state of Jammu and Kashmir. Final decision came after multiple failed and successful rounds of negotiations and in last , PDP successfully kept BJP at bay , by NOT allowing to act on Article 370 and other critical issues faced by India.

As Experts term it as un-holy alliance, the rift has already started from Day1 of the government as CM Mufti credits Hurriyat and  terrorists for peaceful Assembly polls in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

The decision has also NOT went well with hardcore leaders of RSS and other similar organisations, which fully backed BJP in 2014 general elections, and many are feeling cheated.Still, it’s too early to comment on future of the alliance, but definitely it’ll be interesting to see BJP’s stance in the daye to come.

Author: Geeta Choudhary