Will corrupt people who loot our tax money be ever punished?

Almost every day someone is flashing on our news channels for being caught up in corruption related cases. For us Indians, corruption has become like our daily bread and butter, we have got so accustomed to it that it doesn’t even surprise us anymore. Every nook and corner of our country is entangled in its chains. Be it the top brass or the small employee making adjustments in the account book, its prevalent everywhere.

The big chunk from your income that you give to government every year in the name of taxes, is meant to be utilized for your benefit. The Government and its various ministries are meant to make sure that it happens. But what they do make happen is, get rich while you die trying. Every day you work with all your might for a meagre income, and still give a considerable proportion of the same to the government thinking it will return to you manifold. But all you get is a news report which says, ‘that money has already left for Switzerland’. While we stand crying for justice, justice! For our hard earned money that has been taken away from us for decades in the name of taxes. Money that never got to our roads, infrastructure, telecom or the stomach of that poor farmer who had to commit suicide because some minister was too busy in robbing the most underprivileged sect of our society. What can we do? Protest, File a case at best, but then what?

We wait and we wait, waiting for justice to happen. But what we fail to see is that the very forces that exist to curb such hungry savages are also owned by them. Be it CBI, IT or even our upmost justice system, they are but tenants. Tenants to a government, that is in power. The ruling party uses them as their hired goons to get back to their rivals and opposition members and when the opposition takes over the cycle repeats itself all over again. The thieves get their fill and we are left with gaping faces still on the lookout for justice.

What can we do when the very people that were supposed to provide for us are the ones that are robbing us? And the bodies that are supposed to keep a check on them, make sure that their record stays clean. Robbers with clean chits, is what they become by the time their tenure ends. The best a taxpayer does is pay his taxes and then curse the government for being corrupt, wait for things to change and die in that wait.

We need to know that a corruption free society can exist, and it can only do so if we stop considering it as a necessary and inevitable evil. If we a persistent towards change, then it is impossible to stop it from happening when 1/6th of the world population is willing to implement it.

Author: Geeta Choudhary